Heart of Gold

I've been asked a lot about the meaning of the Urban Angel logo.

"Why do you have a lightning bolt inside of a heart?"

"What's the point of you having a 'bat wing' on one side of the heart and a birds wing on the other?"

"Why'd you change it from red to gold? You think you have a heart of gold? You ain't no angel."


Well, here goes:

Those wings represent the angel and the demon that you'd always see on those cartoons when the character was presented with the choice to do either good or bad by an either good or bad version of themselves.

It's about becoming aware of that choice at a very young age and at what exact moment when we become cognizant of our own ability to be self-aware of our ability to start making that choice.

When we're young, we're perceived to have an innocence about ourselves because we aren't fully aware of the good and the bad of what we do--hence, the heart of gold

Then we become aware and we start the age old battle of warring with the outside world and within ourselves as to what is right and what is wrong according to our own moral compass (which is always under attack/influence by an ever-changing world around us).

We're torn between two versions of ourselves--one that wants to do what we feel is right (which can look like it's completely wrong to someone else) and the other which we know will most likely serve only our purposes and perhaps potentially hurt someone else (or maybe not).

So the 'lightning bolt' is actually a tear and is symbolic of being torn between the two opposing energies that we deal with on a daily basis.

With all that being said, I hope you choose to do good. I hope your battles take you to a place where you eventually find peace after the war. I hope the fight is well worth if for you when you look back on your life and reflect upon all your choices.

Whether you made good or bad choices along this path we call life, I hope you were trying to "Dare Something Worthy" towards a life well lived.



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